The company is started.

The first product, the Lida door. Our doors are an instant success with Swedish farmers.

The Ecolid door is launched. This is currently our largest product and Sweden’s best-selling folding door. It has a sandwich construction and meets every requirement you may have in relation to function, quality and design.

The ownership structure is modified and the company leaves the Borga Group.

Change of name to Prido AB. Prido is short for “Professional Industrial Doors”.

Generation 2 of our Ecolid door is launched. Given the name Ecolid ES, it takes a large technological and design leap into the future.
It is also fully compliant with the European standards that came into effect at that time.

Our new Revolid rapid roll door is launched. Revolid gives us access to a new market and helps us become a more comprehensive player in the industry.

Prido focuses completely on industrial doors and, with over 40 years of experience, has become one of the leading players on the Swedish market.

PriDrive lanseras. En helt egenutvecklad automatiseringslösning för motoriserade vikportar som kraftigt förbättrar vikportens konkurrenskraft.

Prido är helt fokuserade på industriportar, och med över 45 års erfarenhet en av de ledande aktörerna på Svenska marknaden.

Facts about Prido AB
Revenue in 2016: approx. SEK 160 million
Export share: 15%
Number of employees: 62
Manufacturing: 7,800 doors annually
Factory area: 10,200 m²


Prido AB