• To use the company’s guiding stars, customer focus, honesty, speed, ingenuity, collaboration and organisation as reference points in our day-to-day work
  • To comply with all applicable legislation and other regulatory requirements in respect of our products.
  • To continually improve processes and products by working towards the quality objectives and action plans established each year.


Quality goals for 2019

  • Delivery quality > 98%
  • Delivery reliability > 98%

Environmental policy for Prido AB

  • To be one of the industry’s leading actors regarding our impact on the external and internal environment.
  • To protect resources by constantly improving products, working methods and procedures.
  • To comply with all applicable environmental legislation and other regulatory requirements.
  • To influence other stakeholders’ decisions/environmental awareness.
  • To ensure that we have the resources and knowledge to work towards environmental objectives.
  • To work towards established and annually-revised environmental objectives and action plans.

Environmental objectives for 2019

  • To the year 2020, compared with 2018
    Reduce the amount of burnable waste per delivered door with 20%
  • To the year 2025, compared with 2018
    Reduce the CO2-emissions during delivery with 25% per delivered door