Sectional overhead doors from Dutch company Alpha Deuren are the result of cutting-edge design and production technology. They are robust and exceptionally durable.

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  • Entirely made to measure in many different designs
  • Motors and control units from Europe’s largest and leading manufacturer, German GFA
  • Torsion springs designed for 30,000 opening cycles
  • Excellent combination of thermal insulation and sound absorption
  • Perfect combination of price, performance and application options
  • The doors are designed and CE-marked according to the applicable door standard, EN13241.
  • Short delivery times and high delivery reliability
  • 2-year warranty

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Sectional overhead door ISO 40 is designed and manufactured using the very latest technology. The finish is robust and detailed as shown by the encapsulated metal or aluminum plates, the reinforced profiles and anodized aluminum profiles, which cannot be seen from the outside. Flexibility is everything in the manufacturing process. It is a real multi-tasker that perfectly combines price, performance and application options.

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Sectional overhead door ISO 40 mm is Alpha’s most popular door, with a modern design that combines excellent thermal insulation and sound absorbing properties thanks to its micro-profiles. Choices are endless when it comes to materials and design, which means the door can always be configured to perfectly meet your needs. Many types of built-in windows with different heights and widths are included in the ISO 40 mm range, as well as 12 Alpha standard RAL colors.

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Sectional overhead doors from Dutch Alpha Deuren are robust and exceptionally durable. By using different section heights on the panels, combined with different heights on the top profile in natural anodized aluminum, the door height is optimally adjusted to each opening. 

Alpha products undergo continuous and intensive sustainability tests. In these tests, the prototypes are opened and closed 30,000 times, after which they are evaluated by experts. This constant attention to quality and safety has borne fruit, and our sectional overhead doors and their physical characteristics are fully compatible with EN13241-1 and TÜV Nord-certified.

Technical facts – Alpha, sectional overhead doors

CE Marking


All folding doors are CE marked as per the Construction Products Regulation according to standard EN13241. Motorized doors are also CE-marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive, the Low Voltage Directive and the EMC Directive.

Insulation value


U-value ISO 40 mm sectional door


5,000 x 5,000 mm: 1.02 W/m2K

U-value for ALU 40 mm sectional door


5 000 x 5 000 mm:3.87 W/m2K

U-value ISO 60 mm sectional door


5 000 x 5 000 mm: 0,77 W/m2K

U-value ISO 80 mm sectional door


5 000 x 5 000 mm: 0.77 W/m2K

Air permeability


Class 2, in accordance with EN12426.

Water tightness


Class 2, in accordance with EN12425.

Wind load capacity


Class 3, in accordance with EN12444 and EN12424

Safety and certification


Safety was an important consideration during the development process, and the doors are designed and CE-marked
in accordance with the applicable standard for doors EN13241.
For example the doors are fitted with:
– Protection against wire breakage
– Spring break devices
– Slack wire protection on motorized doors
– Anti-derailment and finger-safe rails
– Finger-safe sectional joints on doors shorter than 2.5 m
– Optical safety rail on motorized doors
– Overload protection that prevents a person being “lifted” by the door.


Lateral spaces


Min. 250 mm free space from the door opening at the motor side. Dimensions otherwise according to the standard for the sectional overhead door.

Opening speed


Variable depending on door size and fitting options. The standard motors operate at 24 RPM which is equivalent to 0.15–0.25 m/s. The speed controlled motors can operate at 65 RPM when opening and 30 RPM when closing down to an opening of 2.5 meters.

Emergency operation
Manually via a hand chain, link gear, integrated in the motor.

Operating voltage, mains connection
3-phase 400V, T10A with standard connected CEE plug. Frequency controlled motors 3-phase 400V.


Motor, protection class
3-phase electric motor of 0.37 kW 50Hz. Protection class IP65. Temperature range from –10°C to +40°C. Motor bracket included.

Frequency-controlled motor (Optional)
1-phase 230V, protection rating IP65

Complete cabling equipped with plug-in connectors. Optical crush protection with junction box fitted in door. Spiral cable with plug-in connectors and brackets.
Microswitch for lock with connection to control cabinet via spiral cable. 

Additional safety photoresistor
Supplied when application and placement demands.

Windows – Alpha, sectional overhead doors

Sectional overhead doors can be fitted with fully-glazed sections that are made from natural anodized aluminum profiles and are fitted with double glazed insulating plastic windows. ISO sectional doors can be fitted with plexiglass windows for enhanced natural light and improved visibility. The standard windows are oblong with straight or rounded corners and single or insulating double-glazing.

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Colors – Alpha, sectional overhead doors

The color of an industrial door is naturally significant for the overall impression of the building.

Alpha’s internal range offers 12 standard RAL colors, contact Prido for more colors.

RAL 3000 RAL 5003 RAL 5010 RAL 6009
RAL 7005 RAL 7016 RAL 8014 RAL 9002
RAL 9005 RAL 9006 RAL 9007 RAL 9010

Project planning guide – Alpha, sectional overhead doors

The rail system for the Alpha door is unique in terms of the profiles’ design, material selection and finish.
User safety, durability and reliability are the main starting points when designing the rail systems.

T 240


= 240 mm
= daghöjd + 1 000 mm
Bredd max 6 500 mm

T 340


A = 350 mm
B = daghöjd + 750 mm
Bredd max 6 500 mm

T 400


A = lyft + 400 mm,
B = daghöjd – lyft + 600 mm

T 400 hF

Höglyft med nedsänkt fjäderpaket

 A = lyft + 200 mm
B = daghöjd – lyft + 600 mm
Bredd max 4 500 mm
Lyft min. 1 450 mm

T 450


A = 430 – 510 mm
B = daghöjd + 650 mm

T 500


A = daghöjd + 560 mm

T 500 hF

Vertikallyft med nedsänkt fjäderpaket

A = daghöjd + 400 mm
Bredd max 4 500 mm

Rail system and fittings – Alpha, sectional overhead doors

Everything is manufactured in Alpha-Deuren’s own factory with the latest technology.
The material is galvanized and everything is composed of screws and nuts in order to facilitate the maintenance work.
The doors are also available with fittings intended for stall environments and laundry rooms.

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