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Why you should buy the Revolid rapid roll door:

  • Manufactured in fully customised sizes up to 4,000 x 4,000 mm

  • Light curtain in the opening for ultimate safety and to reduce collision risk

  • Opening and closing speeds of 1.15 m/s

  • 7-year warranty

  • Motors and controls from Europe’s largest manufacturer, German company GFA

  • CE-marking in accordance with European Standard EN13241–1 for doors

  • Developed and manufactured in Sweden

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Simple recovery after collision/derailment

  • 40 years of experience in industrial door manufacturing

  • Short delivery times and high delivery reliability

  • Rapid roll doors are tested for 750,000 opening cycles

  • Simple and easy to assemble thanks to few parts and screw fastenings

  • Requires minimal side and overhead space, 80 mm and 400 mm respectively

Revolid rapid roll door – Fast, easy and reliable

There is sometimes a need for rapid roll doors inside buildings, e.g. between different departments, for example, to reduce visibility or allow trucks to move around the different work environments without affecting one another. Our Revolid rapid roll door is an excellent option.

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Technical facts about Revolid rapid roll doors


All Revolid rapid roll doors are CE-marked to comply with the

Construction Products Regulation, Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive and EMC directive in accordance with the applicable EN 13241–1 standard.

Insulation rapid roll door

NPD (No Performance Determined, designed to be positioned indoors).

Air permeability

NPD, in accordance with EN12426.

Mechanical durability

The Revolid rapid roll door is designed and tested for 1,000,000 opening cycles in accordance with EN12605.

Resistance to water penetration

NPD, in accordance with EN12425.

Wind load resistance

NPD, in accordance with EN123444 and EN12424.

Door leaf

Scratch-resistant, fabric-reinforced PVC canvas, 900 g/m², approx. 0.9 mm thick. Available in 4 standard colors. HF-welded keder rails welded into place on the sides of the door canvas.


1.0 mm transparent PVC HF welded in the door leaf.

Bottom profile

Two-section aluminium beam with a structure that allows minor impacts without damage. The bottom profile also includes the weights that give the door fabric its spread out shape in the closed position.

Bottom skirt

70 mm-high bottom seal made from EPDM rubber ensures a good seal against the floor. The design of the base seal, base bar and door canvas also provides a solution that seals all the way out to the corners of the door (which is otherwise a common source of issues with high-speed doors), and neither are there any expensive components that might be easily damaged upon impact.
Personal safety is ensured via the light curtain in the sides of the door

Side profiles

Strong extruded aluminium profiles, in a two-section design that automatically creates cable ducts for the different door controls and motor connections, also function as the controls for the door leaf.


The canvas is sealed in narrow grooves in the side profiles. Aluminum profile to reduce the opening between the canvas and the wall above the door.

Fabric partition

Made from steel with a minimum thickness of 4 mm, or from wood with a minimum thickness of 75 mm.

Fabric controls

Heavy-duty, zinc-plated, 5 mm-thick laser-cut plates with elongated holes for easy installation and adjustment. Heavy-duty ball bearings bolted to the bearing brackets.

Door surround

Steel with minimum 3 mm thickness.Use thread profile steel screws for mounting.


GFA SI3,5.160 with an output speed of 160 rpm, which gives an opening and closing speed of 1.15 m/s, Operating voltage 3-phase 400V, operating current 1.1 A, frequency 50Hz, enclosure class IP54. Built-in brake/fall arrest device as fall protection. An alternative option is an induction motor with soft start and soft stop, giving an opening speed of 1 m/s and a closing speed of 0.5 m/s. Temperature range -10 to +40 degrees.


GFA FI 4.250 frequency-controlled, single-phase, 230 V, IP65-rated motor available as an option. Built-in brake/catching device to provide fall protection. Temperature range -10 to +40°C.

Light curtain

Enclosed in aluminium and screwed to the side profile. 32 light beams, 15 m wiring on both transmitter and receiver, LED status indicator.

7-year warranty

See separate documentation with our warranty conditions.

Maintenance, servicing

The lowest service requirements in the market.
Once every 18 months or max. 50,000 openings.

Colour chart Revolid rapid roll door

The colour of an industrial door is obviously of great importance to the overall impression of the building. This is why Prido offers a number of standard colours for its rapid roll doors.

RAL 3002 RAL 9016 RAL 5010 RAL 7037

View window options for Revolid rapid roll door

Door surround

Motors and controls

Motors and controls for Revolid doors are supplied by the German company GFA, Europe’s largest and leading manufacturer of
door drive and control equipment. The solution offers a range of different options and is also characterised by its operational reliability
and ease of use.

The following features are standard:

  • Motor that opens and closes the door at 1.15 m/s
  • Complete plug-in wiring between the engine and control
  • Five-pole CEE plug for mains connection with plug-in connection in the control cabinet
  • Control cabinet GFA TS971, IP65 classified
  • Integrated three-button set; open, stop, close
  • Digital limit settings
  • Digital setting of rotational direction (used for phase inversion)
  • Integrated radio receiver (only a remote control is needed for radio control)
  • Two potential-free relay contacts
  • Function for half opening
  • Automatic time delay closure
  • Power monitoring (prevents a person being lifted and transported by the door)
  • Programmable maintenance cycle counter (including countdown, warning and stop function)
  • Cycle counter for the total number of door openings

Fault memory and memory for programming change.
Light curtain for personal safety, which screens the door up to a height of 2.5 m

In addition to these functions, the control has also been prepared for the following connections:

  • Active anti-crushing protection strip (not required when the door is equipped with a light curtain)
  • The anti-crushing protection strip is either connected via a spiral cable or radio transmission
  • Additional emergency stop
  • Extra push button box or key operated switch
  • Extra photocell
  • External radio receiver
  • Drawstring switch
  • Extra collision detector

The control can also handle a variety of other external equipment such as code lock, card reader, radar and ground loops. If you want to connect several doors in a series, select a control box with the designation TS981. The Revolid door can then be functionally connected with other door models that use the same control.

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Warranty conditions – Revolid roll door

Warranty period
This warranty will apply for seven years from the day the door is delivered by Prido AB.

Scope of the warranty
The warranty applies to all sections of the Revolid doors, with the exception of those wear sections specified below.
This warranty covers material fractures, design faults, production faults, abnormal changes in colour, rust perforation of the surface
layer and other corrosion damage that may affect the function of the door
A two-year full functional warranty is provided for electronics. After that, a defective electronic unit will be replaced with an equivalent
new unit.
The warranty does not cover damage that is incurred to the door’s wear parts. Wear parts must be replaced according to applicable
maintenance instructions, at intervals stated in the user manual supplied with the door (“the manual”). Specific wear parts
for the door in question appear in the Manual.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by electrical overvoltage, e.g. electrical storm.
The warranty does not cover damage or consequential damage caused by the installer, the user or a third party.

The warranty is valid providing that:
1. The door is not installed in a particularly corrosive or aggressive environment, e.g. in air with high salt content, in constant
contact with water or where corrosive chemicals, corrosive fumes, condensation, ash, cement dust or animal droppings
can affect parts of the door.
2. The door is supplied in one of the standard colours available at the time of order and manufacturing.
3. The door has been used for its intended purpose, to act as an indoor boundary without the influence of pressure differences
in excess of 50 Pa.
4. The servicing, cleaning and maintenance measures prescribed in this Manual have been performed and documented in
the Manual’s maintenance log.
5. The spare parts that are installed are original Prido parts. The warranty on the spare parts runs to the expiry date for the
door’s original warranty period.
6. Build-up of dirt or other deposits has been washed off the door leaf and fittings on a regular basis in accordance with the
applicable rules in the maintenance instructions.
7. The door is installed correctly in a space where the temperature remains between +40 and -10 degrees Celsius.
8. Full payment for the door and any installation is made to Prido AB.
9. The door is opened a maximum of 750,000 times.

Warranty commitments and claims
In the event of fault, a written claim is submitted to Prido AB within a reasonable time after the fault has been detected or
should have been detected, however, no later than before the end of the warranty period. In the event of complaints, Prido AB
is entitled to have an impartial party investigate the fault. When Prido AB receives complaints in accordance with the above,
Prido AB shall, within a reasonable time and at its own expense, rectify any faults covered by this warranty.
This warranty does not limit the buyer’s rights and the consequences resulting from applicable laws in any way, such as the
right to rectification, product exchange, price deduction, or the right to withhold payment, to compensation for rectifying the
fault or to cancel the purchase.

Download the warranti conditions