Some facilities require folding doors with a little extra class. Facilities where aspects such as design, function and economy are equally important to consider. As the name suggests, Ecolid truly is an economically sound and eco-friendly option, which also has a high-finish surface and minimal maintenance needs. So, if you need a well-insulated, affordable and stylish folding or hinged door, you don’t need to look any further.

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  • Sweden’s best-selling folding door
  • Developed and manufactured in Sweden
  • Endurance tested for 1 million opening cycles
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Highest quality design and finish
  • Short delivery times and high delivery reliability
  • Approx. 40% higher U-value than frame-built folding doors
  • Air permeability class 4, air leakage 1.8 m³/m² h according to EN12426
  • Quick and easy to fit and remove
  • Requires minimal space to the side and overhead
  • 7-year warranty
  • Highly effective rustproofing
  • Risk of crushing completely eliminated
  • CE-certified according to European standard on doors EN13241
  • Entirely made to measure in many different designs

Product video: Ecolid

Product video: PriDrive

Installation introduction

Ecolid before installation


Logistics centers
Manual folding doors that guarantee low operating costs


Sweden’s best-selling door for industrial environments


Service facilities
Motorized doors with high reliability and fast opening


Robust folding doors with top-class rustproofing


Logistics centers
Manual folding doors that guarantee low operating costs


Sweden’s best-selling door for industrial environments


Service facilities
Motorized doors with high reliability and fast opening


Robust folding doors with top-class rustproofing


Motorized industrial doors have been around for a long time, but our PriDrive solution provides door owners with radically improved conditions. Motorized industrial doors have traditionally either been an expensive investment or costly to own, but are now becoming the best option for industrial doors.

PriDrive Standard

A substantially lower investment cost compared to other folding door motors on the market. PriDrive Standard has an opening and closing time of approximately 11 seconds. It is available in 3-piece and 4-piece versions. On PriDrive, it is possible to disengage the drive unit directly from floor level for manual operation.

Max. width: 5.08 m
Max. height: 4.8 m
Max. opening: 23.15 – 23.75 m2
Min. side space: 390 mm
Min. overhead height: 420 mm

PriDrive Boomerang

The PriDrive with Boomerang fitting reduces the required side space to 290 mm and, at the same time, allows the motor to be disconnected directly from the floor level for manual operation. The Boomerang fitting is only available on 4-piece doors.

Max. width: 4.5 m
Max. height: 4.8 m
Max. opening: 21.6 m²
Min. side space: 290 mm
Min. overhead height: 420 mm

Technical specifications for Ecolid industrial doors, folding doors

CE marking
All Ecolid folding doors are CE-marked to comply with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)
in accordance with the applicable standard EN13241-1.
Motor operated doors are also CE-marked
in accordance with the Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive
and EMC Directive.

Insulation properties
U-value of 1.34 W/(m2/K) for a fully covered 5 x 5
m door or 1.47 W/(m2/K) with one glass row
type B1, calculated in accordance with EN12428.

Air permeability
Class 4, 1.8 m3/m2 h, in accordance with EN12426 ..

Mechanical durability
Designed and tested for 1 million
opening cycles in accordance with EN12605.

Resistance to water penetration
Class 3 in accordance with EN12425.

Wind load resistance
Class 2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on size.
Tested and classified in accordance with EN12444 and

Naturally, our motor operated doors meet
all relevant safety requirements and standards.
All crushing risks have been eliminated through the design
from the start and our doors can therefore be fully converted
into motor operation without any extra protection. Optical
anti-crushing protection is integrated in the door’s central seals
and additional safety photocells for positioning in  the door opening are supplied as standard.
In addition to these features, there is a load monitor in the motor/control
for increased personal safety. Rubber strips
are designed to eliminate crushing risks between
door leaves and a door leaf/wall.
A minimum of three supporting brackets per leaf in order to prevent falls.

Brackets mounted on the door leaves
Electrogalvanized steel or aluminum. On outward-opening doors, the steel fittings are also powder-coated.

Argon gas-filled D4-12 insulated glass panes in six
different standard sizes. Standard breast height
about 1,070 mm. 7-year warranty against condensation between
the glass layers. Window frames in
natural anodised aluminium profiles with
broken thermal bridges.

Integrated pass door
Available in all variants.
Always outward opening. The position is governed by
the door option, see the planning guide.
Minimum door height allowing a pass door to be fitted
is 2,800 mm. The opening for
the pass door is governed by the width of the door leaves and
can be as narrow as 567 mm.
Minimum door leaf width with integrated pass door
is 770 mm. Dorma DL 919-50 lock housing.

Pull handles for folding doors
Natural anodised aluminium handles.

50 mm freon-free polyurethane foam.

Frame hinges
Multi-size adjustable steel hinges. Electrogalvanized on inward-opening doors and electrogalvanized and powder-coated on outward-opening doors.
Lubrication-free Teflon bushings. Screw into door surround.

Lifting hinges (Optional)
Raises the door during the opening movement by 10
mm. Suitable for uneven floors. Good seal in
the closed position, and a soft and smooth opening movement
without undue wear on the sealing strip.

Central hinges
Natural anodised aluminium. Lubrication-free
Teflon bushings.

Door leaves
Process laminated sandwich panels.
Thickness 50 mm. Maximum size for individual door leaves is
1,250 x 6,000 mm. Frame for attaching
rubber strips etc. in natural anodised
aluminium profiles. Cast steel reinforcements
as attachment points for hinges,
guides, etc.

Door surrounds
Steel, concrete or wood. At least 6 mm steel
for individual door leaves > 6 m2. Otherwise at least 3
mm steel when opening inwards and at least 4 mm when
opening outwards. Three different screw kits depending on the
type of surround.

Stable package
Doors located in washing halls or stables require
a special component package that gives additional
corrosion protection in order for the warranties to apply.
Cannot be retrofitted.

Guide rails and brackets
Steel, hot galvanised and adjustable.
Screwed into the door surround.

Rubber strips are designed to eliminate crushing risks between door leaves and a door leaf/wall. Optical anti-crushing protective strips on the closing edges of motor operated folding doors. All motor operated folding doors with an extra photocell on the folding side. At least three supporting brackets per folding door leaf in order to prevent falls.

Age resistant EPDM rubber.
The design meets the requirements of EN12453
without extra protection.

Door catch
Automatic locking in the open position for both
inward and outward opening doors.

Interior and exterior of hot galvanised sheet steel.
Painted with 25 μm polyester paint.

7 year warranty
See separate documentation with our
warranty conditions.

Maintenance, servicing
The lowest service requirements in the market.
Once every 18 months or a maximum of 25,000
openings for motor operated doors.

Garage bolts for interior padlocking.
Cylinder locks on the inside and outside are available as
an option. Suitable for Euro cylinders.

Technical facts for Ecolid industrial doors, folding doors (motorized):

CE Marking
All folding doors are CE marked as per the Construction Products Regulation according to standard EN13241. Motorized doors are also CE-marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive, the Low Voltage Directive, and the EMC Directive.

Insulation value
U-value 1.57 W/(m2/K) on a fully covered 4×4 m
Folding door or 1.77 W/(m2/K) with 1 single-glazed type B1, calculated according to EN12428.

Air permeability
Class 4, 1.8 m3/m2 h, according to EN12426.

Mechanical durability
Configured and tested for 1 million opening cycles according to EN13241.

Water tightness
Rating 3 as per EN12425

Wind load capacity
Classes 2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on size.
Tested and rated according to EN12444 and EN12424.

Our motorized folding doors naturally comply with all applicable safety requirements and standards. All risk of crushing eliminated in the design from the start. Optical crush protection built into the door’s center seals and additional safety photoresistor for placement in the door opening as standard. In addition to these functions, the motor/control unit contains a load monitor for personal protection. Rubber strips designed to eliminate the risk of crushing between door leaf and door leaf, and door leaf and wall. At least 3 load-bearing brackets per leaf to prevent falls.

Brackets mounted on the door leaves
Made of steel, galvanized.

Argon-filled D4-12 insulated-glass panes in six different standard sizes. Standard chest height approx. 1,070 mm. Seven-year warranty against condensation between glass panes. Window frames made from natural anodized aluminum profiles with thermal breaks.

Recessed pedestrian door
Can be provided for all variants. Naturanodiserad aluminium. Smörjfria teflonbussningar. Always outward opening. Placement is contingent on the door, refer to Project Planning Guide. A minimum door height of 2,800 mm is required to fit a pedestrian door. The pedestrian door aperture is contingent on the door leaf width and can be as small as 567 mm. Min. door leaf width with recessed pedestrian door is 770 mm. Dorma Lock Housing DL 919-50.

Middle hinge
Natural anodized aluminum. Lubrication-free Teflon bushings.

Frame hinge
Steel, electrogalvanized, multi-size adjustable. Screw into door surround.

Door leaf
Process-laminated sandwich panels. 50 mm thickness. Frame for fitting rubber seals, etc. Made of natural anodized aluminum profiles. Cast steel reinforcements as attachment points for hinges, controls, etc.

50 mm freon-free polyurethane cellular plastic.

Door surrounds
Made of steel, crossbars min. 6 mm thick, side legs min. 4 mm thick.

Guide rails and brackets
Made of steel, hot-dip galvanized and adjustable. Screw into door surround.

Made of age-resistant EPDM rubber. The design meets the requirements of EN12453 without extra protection.

Interior and exterior in hot-dip galvanized sheet metal. Coated with 25 µm polyester paint.

Size, PriDrive standard
Max. width: 5,08 m, max. height: 4,8 m
Max. opening: 23.15–23.75 m² (depending ondesign).

Size, PriDrive Boomerang
Max. width: 4,5 m, max. height: 4,8 m
Max. opening: 21.6 m²

7-year warranty on folding doors and mechanical components. 2-year warranty on electronics. Refer to separate document detailing our warranty conditions.

Maintenance, service
The lowest service requirements in the market. Once/18 months or max. 30,000 openings.

Motor and gears
Prido PriDrive

Operating current
1,10 A

Supply voltage

50 Hz

Speed, outer axle
Approx. 2.0 RPM

Opening and closing speed
Standard: approx. 11 s w/4-leaf, approx. 10 s w/3-leaf
Boomerang: approx. 13 s

Control unit
Prido PriDrive

Category according to EN13849-1
Pl”c” category 3

External fuse per phase
10-16 A

Internal fuses – Motor
3×2.5A slow blow 5×20 mm, breaking capacity 1500A

Internal fuses – Control unit
1x1A slow blow 5×20 mm

Energy consumption – Control unit
5 W

Temperature range
From -10 to +40°C

Protection class

Continuously, max. 1 complete cycle / min

Colour shades, colours for Ecolid industrial doors and folding doors

The colour of an industrial door is obviously of great importance to the overall impression of the building.
All Ecolid industrial doors are clad in sheet steel

RAL: 9006

RAL: 6003

RAL: 7044

BLUE 558
RAL: 5009

RAL: 7024

RAL: 9010

RED 758
RAL: 3009

RAL: 7016

RAL: 9007

RAL: 8017

RAL: 9005

Please note that the actual colour may vary from what is shown on a computer display. For the exact colours, contact us for sheet samples.

Colour composition

  1. Sheet steel
  2. Zinc layer
  3. Passivation layer
  4. Primer
  5. Painted with 25 μm polyester paint
  6. Colour on rear side 10 µm

Project guidelines Ecolid folding door, industrial door.

Opening options

Mounting and connections in the door opening

Ecolid doors are manufactured with overlapping installation and sealing strip as a seal against the floor.

Max height = 6,005 mm (4,600)
Sections such as pass doors = 3,200 mm
(Dimensions in brackets apply with hinged doors.)

Overlapping installation for folding doors

Seals for hinged doors and folding doors

Projekteringsvägledning Ecolid motordriven vikport (PriDrive), industriport.



Windows Folding doors, industrial doors

Ecolid folding doors can be fitted with double-glazed, insulated windows. You can choose between six different window types in our standard range, but special sizes are also available on request. The position and number are optional, on the condition that they fit within the dimensions listed below. Standard breast height = 1,070 mm.

Fönster typ B1


Window type B2


Window type B3


Example 1 – Two B1


Fönster typ S1


Window type S2


Window type S3


Example 2 – Two B1 plus integrated pass-door


Environmental Product Declaration – Ecolid folding door

Description of the company and product

The company:
Prido is, with more than 45 years of experience, one of the leading players in its industry.
The company works with design, development, manufacturing and marketing of industrial door solutions for industries and other door users in the Nordic region and Northern Europe.
Our objective is to offer the most attractive range in the industry that is best-adapted to the market.

Head office

Industrigatan 3
534 92 Tråvad
Tel: 0512-295 90
Fax: 0512-200 30

Person responsible:

VD Josephine Stjärnerfält, 0512-295 88

Contact person:

Environmental Coordinator Otto Claéson, 0512-295 85

Environmental work:

The company’s environmental policy is available on its website. Regular monitoring is carried out.

The product:

The Ecolid door is a folding door in a process laminated sandwich construction. The framework consists of aluminium profiles with steel reinforcement. The frame is filled with isocyanate and polyol that create a polyurethane insulation. Interior and exterior in hot galvanised sheet steel. Manufacturing takes place at the head office in Tråvad outside Vara. The service life of the door is estimated to be at least 25 years. The specified service life assumes that the product is used under the intended operating conditions. Heavy damage to the paint coating, which also damages the underlying galvanised layer should be repaired. Otherwise, maintenance is only required in accordance with the maintenance instructions in the user manual for the industrial door.

Declaration of contents:

The table below provides information on the composition of Ecolid. Door dimensions are customised to the customer’s requirements, so size varies.
The table shows the contents of the most common version – 4,000 mm x 4,000 mm, with a row of windows and pass door:

Material Amount
Steel 233,2 kg
Aluminium 65 kg
Rubber 19,9 kg
Plastic 0,1 kg
Polyurethane 43 kg
Windows 7,2 kg
Other 0,2 kg
Totalt 368,6 kg

For more information about the constituent components, please contact the manufacturer.

Environmental Performance Declaration:

The information about the product’s environmental performance is divided into a section on manufacturing and a section on use.


The use of resources:
– Power Consumption approx. 104 kWh/door.

Pollutant emissions:
– No measurable emissions occur.

Other information:
– Hazardous waste: Some waste occurs with the cleaning of polyol and isocyanate machines. This is dealt with by Stena Recycling destruction. An average of approximately 150 kg per year has accrued, compared to the 192 tonnes of raw material used in production.
– Other waste: Residual products in the form of cut-outs occur in production. They are not classified as hazardous waste, and can be disposed of without restrictions and used for ground insulation.
– Chemicals used in production: Polyol, Isocyanate, hot melt adhesive.

– Packaging is done around a frame. The frame consists of steel side end pieces with wooden feet, wooden slats as spacers and plastic sheet on the bottom of the door packaging. Tied with plastic ties and wooden slats on top of the door frame. Loose accessories are packed in cardboard boxes.

Own emissions:
– None known.

The metal can be recycled. Wood and rubber remnants can be used in energy recovery. Cellular plastic waste can be disposed of without restrictions (not compostable). Glue residues can be burned/disposed of.