Ecolid steel doors are based on our industrial door of the same name, and, like it, they are an economically sound and eco-friendly option, which also have a high-finish surface and minimal maintenance needs. Material choice, surface coating and design are harmonized with the industrial door to provide the best architectural solutions when doors are placed adjacent to each other.

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  • Based on the Ecolid door Sweden’s best-selling folding door
  • Highest-quality design and finish
  • Short delivery times and high delivery reliability
  • Approx. 40% higher U-value than steel frame doors
  • Thermal break in the frame
  • Aluminum frame with high torsional rigidity and integrated seal tracks
  • Air permeability class 4 in accordance with EN12207
  • Highly effective rustproofing
  • Quick and simple to install with the supplied frame screws and adjustment sockets fitted to the frame
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Developed and manufactured in Sweden
  • CE-marked according to European standard EN14351-1
  • Entirely made to measure in many different designs
  • Standard design available for immediate delivery
  • Powerful lever handle included as standard
  • Adjustable security strike plate as standard
  • 7-year warranty
  • Manual Attack Resistance class RC2 in accordance with EN1627
  • Back edge lock as standard

Rigid and robust aluminum frame with thermal break. The integrated and adjustable frame sockets and fixing screw for steel or wood enable quick and easy installation. The class 4 lock housing, adjustable strike plate and a high-quality lever handle mean the door is suitable for most premises.

The door is suitable for most premises with slightly higher design and finish requirements where the 11 standard colors on the surface coating also offer great flexibility. Its robust steel-sheet door leaf and aluminum frame together create an impenetrable, well-insulated, value-for-money and easy-to-install door with highly effective rustproofing.

C-frame made for tunnel installation is attached to the wall using screws and adjustable sockets for quick and easy installation.  The locks, strike plates and lever handles are carefully selected to ensure good protection against burglary and to meet our strict design requirements. The door is CE marked in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) according to applicable standard EN 14351-1.

Detailed facts for inset Ecolid steel doors

All doors are CE-marked to comply with the Construction Products Regulation in accordance with applicable standards EN 14351–1.

Insulation properties
U value 2.2 W/(m2/K) calculated in accordance with EN 10077–2

Air permeability
Class 4 in accordance with EN12207.

Closing force
Class 2 in accordance with 12046-2.

Class 3B according to EN 12208

Wind load resistance
Class 3 in accordance with EN12210

Door leaf
Process-laminated sandwich panels. 50 mm thickness. Max. size, width x height = 1329 mm x 2500 mm. Frame of natural anodized aluminum profiles. Steel reinforcements embedded in door leaf for the hinges, door closer and other components.

Standard sizes
Wall opening dimensions
900 x 2100 mm
1000 x 2100 mm
1200 x 2100 mm

Interior and exterior made of hot-dip galvanized sheet steel. Lacquered with 25 µm polyester paint.

50 mm freon-free polyurethane cellular plastic.

Frame and seals
Natural anodized profiles with thermal break. Integrated tracks for EPDM rubber seals.

Strong threshold made from Magnelis-coated sheet steel.

Locks and fittings
Dorma 919-50 lock housing and adjustable Dorma 9009 strike plate as standard. Optional Step 40 electric strike plate with ASSA 222 lock also available. Other locks and strike plates available at extra charge. Habo Atlanta lever handle as standard. 3 x ASSA 3220 hinges.

8 adjustment sleeves integrated in the aluminum frame. Self-tapping frame screws for steel and wood included.

Argon-filled D4-12 insulated-glass panes in six different standard sizes. Approx. 1070 mm standard breast height. Seven-year warranty against condensation between glass panes. Window frames made from natural anodized aluminum profiles with thermal breaks.

Manual Attack Resistance
Class RC2 in accordance with EN1627 Back Edge Lock (the classification applies provided that the door is equipped with an ASSA D12 round cylinder)

7-year warranty
See separate documents for our warranty terms and conditions.

Colours shades, colours for Ecolid steel doors

The colour of the door is obviously of high importance to the overall impression of the building.
All Ecolid industrial doors and pass doors are clad in sheet steel.

RAL: 9006

BLUE 558
RAL: 5009

RED 758
RAL: 3009

RAL: 8017

RAL: 6003

RAL: 7024

RAL: 7016

RAL: 9005

RAL: 7044

RAL: 9010

RAL: 9007

Please note that the actual colour may vary from what is shown on a computer display. For the exact colours, contact us for sheet samples.

Colour composition

  1. Sheet steel
  2. Zinc layer
  3. Passivation layer
  4. Primer
  5. Painted with 25 μm polyester paint
  6. Colour on rear side 10 µm

Project guidelines for Ecolid steel doors

Standard sizes of Ecolid steel doors (refer to the clear opening)

900 x 2,100 mm
1,000 x 2,100 mm
1,200 x 2,100 mm