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Ecolid steel door

Ecolid steel door are based on our industrial door with the same name, and they share the same characteristics that make them a genuine economic and environmentally-sound option that also has a high finish with minimal maintenance requirements.
The choice of material, surface layer and design are harmonised with the industrial door to provide the best architectural solutions when the doors are placed next to each other. The actual door fits into most premises with slightly higher design and finish requirements, where the 11 standard colours for surfaces layers also offer great flexibility. The aluminium frame, which either creates an architrave on the outside (B frame) or is made for tunnel installation (C-frame), is fixed to the wall using screws and adjustable sockets for quick and easy assembly.
The lock, striking plate and push buttons are selected to ensure high security and meet our stringent design requirements.
The door is CE-marked to comply with the Construction Products Regulation, CPR, in accordance with current standard EN 14351–1.

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Brochure Ecolid steel door

Detailed facts for inset Ecolid steel doors


All doors are CE-marked to comply with the Construction Products Regulation in accordance with applicable standards EN 14351–1.

Insulation properties

U value 2.2 W/(m2/K) calculated in accordance with EN 10077–2

Air permeability

Class 4 in accordance with EN12207.

Closing force

Class 2 in accordance with 12046-2.

Resistance to water penetration

Class 3B according to EN 12208

Wind load resistance

Class 3 in accordance with EN12210


The pass door is fitted with Dorma DL 919–50 and a Dorma DS 9002 striking plate as standard.

Brackets mounted on the door leaves

Electrogalvanised and powder-coated steel for ultimate corrosion protection and finish.


Insulating glass panes D4–12 Star argon in six different standard sizes. Standard breast height is approx. 1,070 mm. Other options are available to order. 7-year warranty against condensation between the glass layers. Window frames in natural anodised aluminium profiles with broken thermal bridges.

7-year warranty

See separate documentation with our warranty conditions.

Door leaf

Process laminated sandwich panels. Thickness 50 mm. Max. size of an individual door leaf 1,329 mm x 2,500 mm. Frame for fastening of rubber strips etc. in extruded, natural anodised aluminium profiles. Steel reinforcements cast into the door leaves as attachment points for the hinges, controls and other components.


Interior and exterior of hot galvanised sheet steel. Available in eleven standard colours.


50 mm Freon-free polyurethane foam for the best possible insulation properties.


All seals are age-resistant silicone strips.

Colours shades, colours for Ecolid steel doors

The colour of the door is obviously of high importance to the overall impression of the building.
All Ecolid industrial doors and pass doors are clad in sheet steel.

RAL: 9006

BLUE 558
RAL: 5009

RED 758
RAL: 3009

RAL: 8017

RAL: 6003

RAL: 7024

RAL: 7016

RAL: 9005

RAL: 7044

RAL: 9010

RAL: 9007

Please note that the actual colour may vary from what is shown on a computer display. For the exact colours, contact us for sheet samples.

Colour composition

  1. Sheet steel
  2. Zinc layer
  3. Passivation layer
  4. Primer
  5. Painted with 25 μm polyester paint
  6. Colour on rear side 10 µm

Project guidelines for Ecolid steel doors

Standard sizes of Ecolid steel doors (refer to the clear opening)

900 x 2,100 mm
1,000 x 2,100 mm
1,200 x 2,100 mm

Door inset in C-frame

C-frame with lining strip (optional, fitted by customer)